Sweaty Feet

As we lead very high paced lives we are constantly on our feet. The demands made from our careers mean that not only do we need to look well dressed but that we may have to stand, walk or even run quite a lot. All of this activity coupled with the fact that our feet are in shoes, cause sweaty feet.

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Now while you might think that sweaty feet are a trait of having to wear shoes, this is not completely the case. As our feet have a number of things to do in a day, they need to stay soft, supple and this is the reason why our feet become sweaty. Nature has given us the ability to produce more sweat on our feet so that they can flex, squash and squeeze our feet to accommodate the things that we need to do in our day to day lives.

Without this ability to produce large amounts of sweat the skin on our feet would become very dry and cracked extremely quickly. Walking would be a form of torture. There are times when the sweat on our feet can be excessive. The excess sweat mingles with the damp environment in our socks and shoes to produce a nasty odor.

People object to sweaty feet because they think it is the sweat that is the reason for the smell. The main reason for your feet smelling is that your feet are damp from wearing socks that don’t allow the excess sweat to dry off.

So to get rid of the smell you need to tackle the problem on two fronts. You need to reduce the amount of sweat that your foot produces while you are wearing shoes and stop the sweaty smell. As you do need to have some sweat on your feet you should choose shoes that fit you properly. Tight shoes cause you feet to clamp together and the pressure makes your feet sweat more in order that your feet can stay cool to try and breathe

Also standing on your feet for long periods of time will encourage your body to produce more sweat so that your feet can withstand the pressure that is being placed on them. This standing around will cause sweaty feet. While in many cases you simply can’t sit down for long periods, there are always the times when you can sit and let the pressure be relieved from your feet.

To avoid sweaty feet the best thing that you can do is to keep your whole body temperature cool. Even more importantly the skin of your feet need a chance to dry and breathe. You can accomplish the breathing part by going barefoot as often as you can. Also wearing open toed sandalsArticle Submission, leather shoes and socks made of cotton or wool will help to get rid of sweaty feet. All of these measures can help to get rid of sweaty feet without hurting our feet.

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Pressure Cleaning Efflorescence From Your Driveway

Efflorescence is the formation of white powdery substance on concrete, stone and brick structures. It is caused by seepage of water through the gaps of the masonry. Effervescence is a common phenomenon found on driveways. Despite the fact that effervescence does not harm the driveway in any way, the white formation ruins the visual appeal of the driveway and subsequently, the entire exterior of your home.

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Getting rid of effervescence is not very difficult. It washes away when you utilize high pressure cleaning methods. Effervescence is formed when the water present on the driveway evaporates, leaving behind a white substance. Over time, this substance tends to harden and then, it becomes difficult to remove. Usually, the formation of effervescence stops after all the excess water in the concrete has evaporated and surfaces remain dry henceforth. However, keeping driveways dry all the time is impossible.

Concrete sealing can prevent efflorescence

Concrete acts as a sponge for water. Its high porosity makes it absorb liquids. Since driveways are constantly exposed to moisture, removing effervescence is a continuous task. The formation of effervescence cannot be avoided unless you get your driveway sealed. Concrete sealing eliminates the porosity of concrete and hence, prevents seepage of water and subsequently, effervescence. Pressure washing the driveway twice a year will prevent hardening of effervescence.

Use Muriatic Acid

An effective solution to effervescence is Muriatic Acid. While using high pressure cleaners, muriatic acid can be mixed with water in specific proportions to remove the white formation. The standard ratio of acid to water is one is to twelve. If the deposit is hard, then you can use the acid directly on the formation to loosen it and wash it off during pressure cleaning.  However, always remember to put on protective gear in order to prevent injuries due to the acid.

Efflorescence removing solutions

Effervescence removing solutions are available in the market and are effective in driveway cleaning. By following the instructions given on the packaging, you can remove the white powdery deposit. A home remedy for removing effervescence from driveways is to use white vinegar. If the powdery substance has hardened, then you may have to pour vinegar directly on the stain. For fresh stains, scrubbing with a sponge dipped in white vinegar will get most of the stain off the surface.

High pressure cleaning

High pressure cleaning is excellent for cleaning driveway of debris, fuel stains and other unwanted deposits. However, since water is sprayed with very high pressures on the driveway, water is forced into surface, which in turn becomes the cause of efflorescence. Therefore, when you use high pressure cleaning on your driveway, make sure that the surface is completely dry before you seal it or apply a coat on it. This will ensure evaporation of all the water that has been absorbed by the driveway.

Most people tend to neglect driveway cleaning. While a clean driveway can lend an instant face-lift to a house, a stained and unclean driveway makes the house look shabby. SoComputer Technology Articles, make good use of pressure cleaning services to keep the driveway clean and free of stains. 

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Improve Safety in the Workplace With the Right Industrial Equipment

A pallet, also known as a skid, is a flat structure that is designed to transport goods while they are lifted. Pallet stackers will pick up, deliver, consolidate and stack pallets. There are two main types of pallet stackers – electric and manual stackers. Electric pallet stackers are more commonly known as forklifts. Electric pallet stackers use an electro-hydraulic system to lift and a manual relief-valve to lower loads. When you use a non-electric pallet stacker the pallets are propelled or dragged using sheer muscle power. A manual, or non-electric pallet stacker should not be used by one operator to move more than ten pallets a day for safety reasons. When there are many pallets to move or if the conditions are bumpy then an electric pallet stacker should be used to ensure the safety of the operator. Pallet stackers don’t emit waste, so a major pro is that they are ideal for indoor use because there is no gas to dispose of. Since electric pallet stackers are battery operated it is important to make sure the battery is maintained properly by giving it enough time to charge and cool. The time need to charge an electric pallet stacker’s battery depends on the type and model used, but normally doesn’t take longer than 16 hours.

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In order to safety tilt, lower or raise a platform you will want to use a tilt table, which is also known as a scissor lift, platform lift or lift table. These tables make it safer to conduct overhead tasks by improving the proper location of materials ultimately reducing the number of work related injuries. Lift tables also reduce worker fatigue and the risk of injury. Cumulative trauma disorders are the leading occupational hazard for workers. This trauma results from repetitive motions and injuries caused by working in awkward positions for long periods of time. These tables help workers avoid the risk of injury by reducing musculoskeletal disorders, force, awkward positions and repetitive motions, all of which lead to injuries and wasted time and energy. Tilt tables are available in many varieties and sizes and are also customizable. Different tables will use different mechanisms but the most common design will integrate an electrical motor and hydraulic cylinders to lift. Improved employee morale, improved productivity and efficiency are benefits of the increased safety afforded to you by the right equipment. Tilt tables are an excellent ergonomic solution that will help improve safety and reduce workplace injury. .

Consider a drum lifter to transport heavy, large drums upright. Although they go by many names including roll lifters, a drum lifter will tip, empty, lift, transport and mix drums that are very large or heavy. Drum lifters are excellent additions to any workplace that uses large drums. If you are moving, lifting or storing a heavy drum then you should consider a roll lifter. The ergonomic design of a drum lifter is meant to eliminate back, muscle and joint injuries. In order to suit multiple needs and purposes look for a drum lifter with a load attachment. Drum lifters can improve safety but they also can lower your costs by avoiding disruptions to the manufacturing process. The most critical advantage to drum roll lifters is that they will reduce workplace injury and improve overall worker safety. Drum roll lifters maximize safety with their adjustable overload protection and ergonomic design. Most drum roll lifters are made of solid steel. It is easy to use a drum roll lifter by lowering the unit onto the drum you’d like to move when the lifter is elevated. The gripping pads will then secure the drum, making it safe to move. The drum lifter lowers the drum to the ground to release the drum and then locks into an open position so the process can repeat. Drum liters have the ability to stack drums vertically as well as tilt, hold or empty drums. Drum lifters are heavy duty and high load bearing. There are many factors to take into consideration before you purchase a drum roll lifter. You want to ensure that you are purchasing heavy duty, safety equipment from a reliable supplier, distributor or manufacturer. Based on your industry and work environment a reliable distributor will ensure you have the most up to date information and help you make a good choice.

A platform lift uses three basic components including a platform, lower frame assembly and scissor legs. Operators can lift large amounts of weight easily and safely with a scissor table, which will reduce the risk of a workplace injury. Musculoskeletal injuries can be reduced by using platform lifts, which position objects at a suitable height making work safer and easier for operators. Due to the safety and reliability of platform lifts they are used in many different industries. There are three types of operating methods for platform lifts including hydraulic, self-positioning and pneumatic. In addition there are multiple stage scissor lifts (such as double or triple scissor lifts) and ball screw electric lift tables. In order to move the lift platform up and down a hydraulic scissor lift will use one or more hydraulic cylinders. Pneumatic scissor lifts operate with the use of air bags to move the platform up and down. Self-positioning scissor lifts are weight sensitive, using weight to move the platform. Ideal for robotic integration and applications the benefit of ball screw electric lift tables is that they provide zero load drift at any elevation. Lift tables come with many safety options including toe guards, speed fuses, safety bars and protection skirts. Individual fail arrest devices provide further safety for platform lifts..

R& D Ergo Solutions is the Innovative Lead in Place of work safety Solutions. Among the list of Solutions they give for your workplace contains RD Ergo Vertical Lift and http://www.rdergo.com/ergonomic-pallet-trucks-stackers.aspx.

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5 points you should keep in mind before buying Bluetooth speakers

This guide will tell you about Bluetooth speakers and what to keep in mind when in the market for these speakers. Do folllow these tips and be sure to get the kind of speakers you want.

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You may want to buy a wireless Bluetooth speaker to go with your smartphone, so you can turn the latter into your very own music system. However, before you jump in to buy a Bluetooth speaker, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. That’s where this guide will help you…

1) These speakers are not a home theater system: They may come close to delivering the kind of sound that a home theater system provides, and some top of the line speakers will give you earth-shaking sound. However, you need to be clear that these are speakers, not a complete home theater system.

2) Consider the Bluetooth version you want: Bluetooth isn’t just Bluetooth…You should consider the version of Bluetooth in the speaker you want. If you buy a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker for a phone that only supports version 2.1, the speaker will work, but you will have spent money unnecessarily. Also, with a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, you can conveniently pair the device to your phone by simply bumping the two together. So, do your research and buy the version you want.

3) Choose wisely from among different types of Bluetooth speakers: Bluetooth wireless speakers aren’t magic. They function much like any other speaker. However, they’re not all equal. Some of them might fit into your pocket, while others clip onto your car’s sun visor. Some of these speakers work better as voice call speakers, while others are excellent party accessories.

4) Decide what you are going to use the speaker for: Before buying a speaker, you should first think about what you would use it for. Are you often sharing music with your friends, or do you listen by yourself by travelling? Are you just going to use it for voice calls or do you want to enhance your movie experience? Once you have figured all this out, weigh all the features carefully and then pick a Bluetooth speaker that fits best.

5) Go with recognized brand names and avoid super-cheap speakers: When you do this, you are more than likely to avoid a complaint you sometimes hear about Bluetooth, that its audio isn’t as great as other options like traditional wired speakers. Today, with Bluetooth technology having evolved greatly in recent years, most audio buffs are unlikely to notice the difference between wired and the most expensive wireless options.

So, keep these points in mind if you are in the market for wireless Bluetooth speakers. The latter can be used in various ways, ranging from powerful speakers for home use, to rugged speakers for the outdoors. Do research and shop around for the right Bluetooth speakers for your needs. Here’s to  great and lasting sound!

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Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President
Wikinews interviews Frank Moore, independent candidate for US President

Saturday, March 1, 2008

While nearly all coverage of the 2008 Presidential election has focused on the Democratic and Republican candidates, the race for the White House also includes independents and third party candidates. These parties represent a variety of views that may not be acknowledged by the major party platforms.

Wikinews has impartially reached out to these candidates, throughout the campaign. We now interview independent Presidential candidate Frank Moore, a performance artist.

No prosecution for UK minor who called Scientology a ‘cult’
No prosecution for UK minor who called Scientology a ‘cult’

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of the government of the United Kingdom told the City of London Police on Friday that there will be no prosecution for a 15-year-old boy who called Scientology a “cult” at a May 10 peaceful protest. The City of London Police had previously confiscated the boy’s protest placard and gave him a court summons at the demonstration, which took place near St Paul’s Cathedral at the Church of Scientology‘s London headquarters on Queen Victoria Street. The boy’s poster read: “Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult”. The human rights organization Liberty has come out strongly against the City of London Police for their actions at the protest, and said they are pursuing an inquiry into the police force for what they say is a troubling freedom of speech issue.

Individuals from the group Anonymous have held monthly international protests against the Church of Scientology since February, as part of the anti-Scientology movement Project Chanology. The Project Chanology movement began when the Church of Scientology attempted to get a leaked Scientology promotional video featuring Tom Cruise removed from websites YouTube and Gawker.com.

Members of Anonymous were motivated by the actions of the Church of Scientology, and bombarded Scientology websites and were successful in taking some of them down. Anonymous later changed tactics towards legal measures, and held international protests against Scientology on February 10, March 15, April 12, and most recently May 10.

I am going to fight this and not take it down because I believe in freedom of speech.

City of London Police approached the 15-year-old boy at the May 10 protest and cited section five of the Public Order Act 1986, which deals with “harassment, alarm or distress“. In response, the boy cited a 1984 judgment given by Mr. Justice Latey in the Family Division of the High Court of Justice of Her Majesty’s Courts of Justice of England and Wales, in which Latey called Scientology a “cult” and said it was “corrupt, sinister and dangerous”. In the actual 1984 judgment made by Judge Latey, he stated: “Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious. […] In my judgement it is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. […] It is dangerous because it is out to capture people, especially children and impressionable young people, and indoctrinate and brainwash them so that they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living and relationships with others.” The boy told fellow protesters he was not going to take the sign down, saying: “If I don’t take the word ‘cult’ down, here [holding up his sign], I will be either, I think, most likely arrested or [given] a summons. I am going to fight this and not take it down because I believe in freedom of speech, besides which I’m only fifteen.”

… it is not abusive or insulting and there is no offensiveness, as opposed to criticism, neither in the idea expressed nor in the mode of expression. No action will be taken against the individual.

When the boy refused to take his sign down, City of London Police removed it, cited him with a court summons and informed him that the matter would be referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. The boy was the only protester who did not comply with the police requests to remove signs which referred to Scientology as a “cult”. According to The Guardian, a CPS spokesman stated Friday that: “In consultation with the City of London police, we were asked whether the sign, which read ‘Scientology is not a religion it is a dangerous cult’, was abusive or insulting. Our advice is that it is not abusive or insulting and there is no offensiveness, as opposed to criticism, neither in the idea expressed nor in the mode of expression. No action will be taken against the individual.”

“The CPS review of the case includes advice on what action or behaviour at a demonstration might be considered to be threatening, abusive or insulting. The force’s policing of future demonstrations will reflect this advice,” said a spokeswoman for the City of London Police in a statement in The Guardian.

The 15-year-old boy’s mother called the CPS decision a “victory for free speech”, saying: “We’re all incredibly proud of him. We advised him to take the placard down when we realised what was happening but he said ‘No, it’s my opinion and I have a right to express it’.”

The incident has generated significant interest on the Internet, from civil rights groups and anti-cult groups, and in the press. Shami Chakrabarti, director of Liberty, and Ian Haworth of the United Kingdom-based Cult Information Centre were highly critical of the actions of the City of London Police. George Pitcher of The Daily Telegraph called the actions of the City of London Police “a mockery of the law”. Other publications also criticized the actions of the police, compared the boy to past civil rights protesters, and analyzed how the characterization of “cult” applied to Scientology. The Guardian reported that human rights activists “were outraged” when reports of the actions of the City of London Police at the protest surfaced this week. Marina Hyde wrote in a comment piece in The Guardian that the City of London Police should spend a little less time “reaching for the collar of free-speaking children”. An article in The Guardian about the boy’s court summons hit the front page of the website Slashdot on Wednesday, and an article about the statement by CPS hit the site’s front page on Friday. The anti-Scientology website Enturbulation.org devoted its front page to the incident on Saturday.

The police may have ended their inquiries into this tawdry incident but rest assured that Liberty’s inquiry will continue.

BBC News reported that attorneys for Liberty represented the 15-year-old boy to the CPS. In media statements Friday, Liberty said it would continue its inquiry into the actions of the City of London Police. “The police may have ended their inquiries into this tawdry incident but rest assured that Liberty’s inquiry will continue. Democracy is all about clashing ideas and the police should protect peaceful protest, not stifle it,” said James Welch, legal director at Liberty. “Reason has prevailed in the case of the anti-Scientology protester”, wrote Welch in a comment piece in The Observer. According to The Press Association, Liberty’s inquiry may result in actions taken against the City of London Police.

The City of London Police has faced controversy in the past for its close association with the Church of Scientology. When the City of London Scientology building opened in 2006, City of London Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley praised Scientology in an appearance as guest speaker at the building’s opening ceremony. Ken Stewart, another of the City of London’s chief superintendents, has also appeared in a video praising Scientology. According to The Guardian over 20 officers for the City of London Police have accepted gifts from the Church of Scientology including tickets to film premieres, lunches and concerts at police premises.

Unlike the City of London Police, the Metropolitan Police Service (the territorial police force responsible for Greater London excluding the City of London) has not raised an issue with protesters using placards with similar wording at protests against Scientology, according to The Guardian and Londonist.

Each of the Project Chanology international protests against Scientology has had a theme: the February protest called attention to the birthday of Lisa McPherson, who died under controversial circumstances while under the care of Scientology, the March protest was arranged to take place two days after Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard‘s birthday, the April protest highlighted the Church of Scientology’s disconnection policy, and the May protest highlighted the Scientology practice of “Fair Game” and took place one day after the anniversary of the publication of Hubbard’s book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. Another international protest is planned for June 14, and will highlight the Church of Scientology’s elite “Sea Organization” or “Sea Org”.

 This story has updates See UK group Liberty, Edinburgh city council on Scientology ‘cult’ signs 

HIV-positive man receives 35 years for spitting on Dallas police officer
HIV-positive man receives 35 years for spitting on Dallas police officer

Sunday, May 18, 2008

An HIV-positive man was sentenced to 35 years in prison Wednesday, one day after being convicted of harassment of a public servant for spitting into the eye and open mouth of a Dallas, Texas police officer in May 2006. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that no one has ever contracted HIV from saliva, and a gay-rights and AIDS advocacy group called the sentence excessive.

A Dallas County jury concluded that Willie Campbell’s act of spitting on policeman Dan Waller in 2006 constituted the use of his saliva as a deadly weapon. The incident occurred while Campbell, 42, was resisting arrest while being taken into custody for public intoxication.

“He turns and spits. He hits me in the eye and mouth. Then he told me he has AIDS. I immediately began looking for something to flush my eyes with,” said Waller to The Dallas Morning News.

Officer Waller responded after a bystander reported seeing an unconscious male lying outside a building. Dallas County prosecutors stated that Campbell attempted to fight paramedics and kicked the police officer who arrested him for public intoxication.

It’s been 25 years since the virus was identified, but there are still lots of fears.

Prosecutors said that Campbell yelled that he was innocent during the trial, and claimed a police officer was lying. Campbell’s lawyer Russell Heinrichs said that because he had a history of convictions including similarly attacking two other police officers, biting inmates, and other offenses, he was indicted under a habitual offender statute. The statute increased his minimum sentence to 25 years in prison. Because the jury ruled that Campbell’s saliva was used as a deadly weapon, he will not be eligible for parole until completing at least half his sentence.

If you look at the facts of this case, it was clear that the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury.

The organization Lambda Legal (Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund), which advocates for individuals living with HIV, says that saliva should not be considered a deadly weapon. Bebe Anderson, the HIV projects director at Lambda Legal, spoke with The Dallas Morning News about the sentence. “It’s been 25 years since the virus was identified, but there are still lots of fears,” said Anderson.

The Dallas County prosecutor who handled the trial, Jenni Morse, said that the deadly weapon finding was justified. “No matter how minuscule, there is some risk. That means there is the possibility of causing serious bodily injury or death,” said Morse. Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins stated: “If you look at the facts of this case, it was clear that the defendant intended to cause serious bodily injury.”

Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV.

A page at the CDC’s website, HIV and Its Transmission, states: “HIV has been found in saliva and tears in very low quantities from some AIDS patients.” The subsection “Saliva, Tears, and Sweat” concludes that: “Contact with saliva, tears, or sweat has never been shown to result in transmission of HIV.” On Friday the Dallas County Health Department released a statement explaining that HIV is most commonly spread through sexual contact, sharing needles, or transfusion from an infected blood product.

Woman returns home with Christmas turkey, a month after setting out
Woman returns home with Christmas turkey, a month after setting out

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Scottish woman who set out before Christmas to purchase a turkey finally made it home on Monday, after being cut off by snow for a month. Kay Ure left the Lighthouse Keeper’s cottage on Cape Wrath, at the very northwest tip of Great Britain, in December. She was heading to Inverness on a shopping trip.

However on her return journey heavy snow and ice prevented her husband, John, from travelling the last 11 miles to pick her up. She was forced to wait a month in a friend’s caravan, before the weather improved and the couple could finally be reunited.

They were separated not just for Christmas and New Year, but also for Mr Ure’s 58th birthday. With no fresh supplies, he was reduced to celebrating with a tin of baked beans. He also ran out of coal, and had to feed the couple’s six springer spaniels on emergency army rations.

“It’s the first time we’ve been separated”, said Mr Ure in December. “We’ve been snowed in here for three weeks before, so we are well used to it and it’s quite nice to get a bit of peace and quiet.”

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Auckland City Council acts to remove suspect chemicals in pre-school’s soil
Auckland City Council acts to remove suspect chemicals in pre-school’s soil

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Chemicals, which the Auckland City Council said are a suspected cause of cancer and are considered toxic, have been found in soil at a children’s playcentre in Auckland. The contamination was found at the Auckland Central Playcentre in Freemans Bay, and the Council will now spend $100,000 removing the top 50 cm (about 20 in) of soil at the playcentre, doing landscaping and replacing playground equipment.

The presence of “polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, including benzo-a-pyrene,” was suspected at the school playground and was confirmed by a chemical analysis on Tuesday. The chemicals may cause temporary digestive and respiratory distress, as well as irritation of the eyes and skin. The levels of benzo-a-pyrene found were between 0.06 and 4.82 milligrams per kilogram of soil at surface level, according to the Ministry of Education. A potential risk is present at levels above 3.5 mg.

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