Silence Killed The Way Of Shopping.

Silence killed the way of shopping.


P Kumar

As everyone knows shopping is very crucial for everyone. We will discuss here the perception of people in shopping and their situations. Generally traditional way of shopping is used to happen but by the increase of internet in recent years and by the popularity of online transactions and online trading portals the new trend of online shopping has emerged. \\r\\nSo everywhere in India s consumer s shops from outlet malls to department store sales racks-very good deals flourish. Indians seriously enjoy that freedom with their shopping. And now through online shopping everyone gets a chance to buy Dresses onlineand so everyone gets a chance to choose the clothes among different varieties, styles and designs. \\r\\nLike I said there is one story of girl who from childhood does exactly the same things like trying to be a boy and doing activities like boys do. She does not wear a pink dress and skirt, instead she used to wear most of the times jeans unless she had to wore those skirts or dresses. For example in sports also everyone accepted her to play as she is looking tough and not in girlish way since everyone is in a state that girlish kids are over reacting and hard to take failures in sports. As she grew she gain more freedom about choice of wearing or shopping cloths and began to increase in wearing of men Dresses and all.When she left school she wore pants whenever possible and she wore dresses when she really, really, really had to dress up. And then in one fine summer, there was a fine heat wave in the region and she was so much suffocating in her jeans. So she cautiously tried on a skirt in a local multi brand retail store. Then she realized that clothing can be much more comfortable. In a world with skirts why would anyone want to wear non-elastic waistband jean pants? Why would she do it? Then she though she got trapped into the skinny jeans way. This is a form of denial that occurs when anyone blinded by the perceived skinniness and convinces oneself that skinny jeans are quite comfortable.Any pair of pants that lead to imprints when taken off for an half an hour. Then she thought that it had been so long since she had experienced such intense comfort then only she made a discovery that she can use both ways of styles of clothes and can use comfort and style at the same time.\\r\\nThrough e-shops i.e. the online shopping, you get the best of deals and discounts on several products of various brands without even have to spare your time and energy for going to shops. All your demands for shopping are taken care of just in a click. Moreover, online shopping saves time, allows you to choose from many brands, offers your best deals and discounts and services, showcases the trends that are in and most importantly, provides the feature of free shipping and cash on delivery. Also, due to the scope of internet, you can, any day, get more options to choose from the given products. In fact, rules for selling and purchasing are much strict for an online shop than the retail shops. There are warranties issued and provision of customer service by the online shopping portals.\\r\\n So as in online anyone can buy Dressesonline with ease and comfort and can choose from different types of categories and styles. Anyone can wonder where we can select the best site for online purchase. Well there s an option here in Indian market where anyone can choose from the best categories and collections available. So to go for Dresses online in India check the awesome online trading portal where you can find all different types of categories.\\r\\n\\r\\n

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