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It’s not really that difficult to understand how to sell beats on RocBattle, and as long as you understand it you’ll be able to get into the top of the charts and take over it. It just takes some time to be able to implement the right strategies and really take over the game. Just reading this article will give you a huge advantage when trying to learn how to sell beats.

Websites like Soundclick are extremely difficult to rank for because the fact of the matter is, you need an enormous amount of plays to do so. I’m talking about getting tens of thousands of plays every single day and not even breaking the top 30, much less the top 10… And the top 3 is where the “legendary” status remains.

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RocBattle is cool because it’s a lot easier to rank for, and you really don’t have to think nearly as much. It’s all about wins and losses, which makes the charts system simple and easy to take advantage of. The charts are based upon who wins the most battles per month, meaning that the guys who lose a lot of battles on that site are going to be at a serious disadvantage. Luckily the numbers reset every month.

OK, so basically that all leads up to one inevitable thing happening. All the people who compete on this website simply get a click full of people together to constantly vote for each others battles. Basically this is like cheating, because obviously whoever knows more people and who can get more people voting will win, so its not based on fairness. The good thing is, if you know this information then you can easily change the situation for the better.

This may sound a little bit gray-hat, and in truth I think it is, but that’s OK. The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to be hurting anybody’s experience online, all that’ll happen is you’ll get to a higher point in the charts, bringing you more plays and higher chance of sales. What you should do is get a group of friends together (probably about 10), and manage them all in an easy mailing list system. What happens is, every time one of the people on the list puts up a new beat, you can use a simple email system (even gmail would work) to contact everybody in your group, so that everyone constantly votes for each others battles! You can make two accounts each, one for the Exclusive members charts and one for the basic charts… Take over both! Why not?

Of course the other part of it is that you really have to be ready to take on the challenge ahead of you. If you expect to do one or two battles a month using this method, you’re thinking far too small. You need to start doing 50-60 battles per month, both on a basic account and on an exclusive member account. Yes, everybody in the group will have to pay the $7 monthly fee, but with those charts positions it can be very, very worth it. You can completely dominate on this site just by using simple methods such as that. It’s not done very much but the fact of the matter is, RocBattle isn’t that hard to rank for.

Soundclick is basically impossible to rank for because it takes so many plays to get into the charts. But the thing about it is, you don’t have to get anywhere near the top 10. Soundclick has so much massive traffic that you can generate thousands of visitors even in the low 100’s!!

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